What Parents are Saying!

"After struggling in our home district for 6 years, my son visited Banyan School and knew this was the school for him. The small class sizes and the dedicated teachers have made a world of difference. For a child with this type of disability, it has been critical to have teachers who are willing to talk to me and his private tutors to develop a coordinated approach to advance my son's learning. He reading skills have advanced 2-grade levels in a year. In addition to his academic growth, my son's confidence has improved. He loves to attend school!"

"I have struggled for many years to find the right school for my son, and Banyan was the only place that provided everything that I was looking for; an entire faculty who are more than willing to communicate with parents, a curriculum that suited my son, a fabulous PTO that includes family outings, and extra programs not found in other schools. My son is finally attending a school where he is accepted and understood."

"Banyan has a fantastic language program, using Wilson Learning to teach the children reading and language skills. Class sizes are very small (usually no more than 4 students) with personalized attention and extremely qualified and empathetic staff. They provide a great mixture of academic and social skills to help the students achieve their full potential. They also have a sister high school that goes beyond 12th grade and teaches life skills. Great program."

"Our Banyan experience has been wonderful; a structured environment highly focused on academics in a small group setting differentiating for each student. Exactly what our son who learns differently needed to learn to read. The dedicated staff makes learning fun, incorporates the social piece and communicate regularly with parents. We are most grateful for our time at Banyan."

Parent Testimonials

“Banyan School has changed my child’s life. He no longer struggles in school or with homework daily. Saturday School and other social activities provide him with an ability to create friendships outside of school. I couldn’t be happier with Banyan School and what it has done for my son.”

– Lynn C.

Banyan has surpassed my expectations. My son’s previous school was well regarded and, since they were not able to meet many of his needs, I figured we would always have to make do with any school. The staff at Banyan listened and accommodated my son. He is challenged academically where he has strengths and supported where he has weaknesses. He has been at Banyan for four years and much of his success is to the credit of the dedicated teachers, OT, PT and speech therapists.”

– Carol J.

“My son just started Banyan and within the first few weeks we noticed immediate changes in him. He became more self-confident; he was happier and he even began to tackle his homework on his own.Banyan fosters a positive environment which allowed my son to be himself and for the first time he won 1st place on a science project that we didn’t have to help him with. We are very happy with choosing Banyan and so is our son. “

– Cindy K.

“Banyan School as provided my child with an environment where she feels completely accepted and thrives. Banyan’s dedicated staff has become an important part of our family. My daughter now looks forward to going to school every day and has developed lasting relationships with friends that will last a lifetime! “

– Tom H.

“The teachers at Banyan School create a climate where our daughter’s language was able to flourish. Now, she truly feels that she’s an active and valued member of her school community.”

– Carrie N.

“My son looks forward in going to school this September. He is excited to see his friends and teachers. I am very content to know that he has found a place to express his concerns, curiosities and ideas. Banyan High School has greatly evolved my son’s social and emotional behaviors. I am in so many ways thankful to you and your staff for your caring and dedication.”

– Jessie P.

“My son’s social and reasoning skills have really evolved since coming to Banyan. “

-Dawn A.

“After several placements that failed to meet his needs, I finally feel like I can sit back and enjoy these next few years at Banyan – with my son!  He is thriving.”

-Kathy W.

“Prior to attending Banyan School, my child struggled with going outside of his comfort zone. He is only comfortable with people he knows, places he has been.

Now I see that he is willing to try different scenarios, whether it be going someplace, being with different people and at least trying to eat different foods.

An example, two years ago we went as a family to Pt. Pleasant boardwalk. We went to aquarium first, then exited and our son wanted to leave right away. Did not want to do anything, eat anything. So we left. This year we attempted again and had a wonderful time. After aquarium, he said he did not want to go to arcade but he did. Ended up playing a few games and had a good time. Also ate without causing a problem for the rest of us. I believe this is because of everything he is experiencing at Banyan. He is more mature. Banyan has an excellent program and excellent staff. I believe if our son were able to have attended high school at Banyan instead of where he was, he would be that much ahead in all respects. However, better late than never.”

– Stella D.

“Leaving public school was a hard decision, but it was the right decision for our family.  Banyan Elementary School provides a truly unique climate of academics, acceptance, and love that children intuitively recognize as genuine.   Fostered in such an environment, children learn not only their scholastic lessons, but more importantly, life’s lessons for individual growth and responsibility, as well as the skills for successful social relationships.  Each student is accepted as the individual he/she is and, at the same time, is embraced as a part of the whole school community.  The staff is conscientious, caring, and always welcoming to children and their families.   We are grateful that our children attend a school where they are accepted and loved.”

– Terry S.

“Banyan truly individualizes programming and curriculum for each student, and staff are very responsive to parent’s input!”

– Melissa G.

Student Testimonials

“What I liked the most about Banyan was the friendly, dedicated staff that was always there to help students out.”

Jenny attended Banyan School from 2001-2004.  Jenny graduated from Community High School in Teaneck.  She attended Centenary College in Hackettstown, majoring in Psychology.

- Jenny Ahluwalia

“What I remember most about Banyan were the teachers: the relationship I had with them, the help I got from them all, their great support, how kind and patient they were with the students…no matter how hard we were to control!”

Cody attended Banyan School from 1998-2002.  He graduated from Community High School in Teaneck.  He attended Landmark College in Vermont.

– Cody Barry

“What I liked best about Banyan is the individualized attention I received from all the caring teachers.  Banyan taught me to always work hard and try my best.  Like my dad says:  Excellence through perseverance.”

Robert attended Banyan School from 1999-2001 and graduated from Community High School.  He graduated in 2006 from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting with a diploma in the field of radio and television.  Currently Robert has his own DJ business called “One In The Mix” and also works for Federal Express as a courier.

- Robert D’Amico

“My favorite thing about Banyan was all the activity that they put in the classes to make them interesting.  I also really liked the trips.”

Josh attended Banyan School from 1994-1997.  He graduated from West Essex High School in North Caldwell.  He attended Atlantic Cape Community College.

– Josh Henry

“The thing I liked most about Banyan School were the teachers.”

Trevor attended Banyan School from 2000-2005.  He graduated from Community High School in Teaneck.

- Trevor Johnson

“My favorite memory of Banyan is the great time I had during our trip to Rocking Horse Ranch!”

Matthew attended Banyan School from 1999-2002 and graduated from Barnstable Academy in Oakland.  He also attended Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA.

– Matthew Kartzman

“I will never forget the continued support, patience and guidance from the teachers and staff that never gave up on me.”

Michael attended Banyan School from 1997-2002 and graduated in 2006 from Community High School in Teaneck.

- Michael Petricko

“There are so many wonderful things that Banyan has to offer a student.  The greatest thing that Banyan ever did for me was to encourage me to be my own person.  The Banyan Family really knew how to welcome a student and teach them that you can do anything, and to never be afraid to ask a question.  Not only is that an amazing aspect that Banyan offers its students, it really sticks with you throughout the years and it has helped me succeed, not only as a student, but as a young adult.  Thank you!”

Emily attended Banyan School from 1995-2000.  She graduated from Community High School in Teaneck in 2004.  In 2008, Emily graduated from Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ with a degree in Business Administration.

- Emily Rose

“The Banyan School taught me to be confident.  Having the confidence to ask a question, and admitting you don’t know something is the first step in learning something new; and that is what I took away most from the Banyan School.  It also gave me the tools to learn to read which was something I could not do when I got there in 2nd grade.”

Will attended Banyan from 1996-1998 and graduated high school in 2007 from the American School in Japan.  Will attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY.

- Will Wetzel

“The thing I liked most about Banyan School was the teachers.  They were great!”

Matt attended Banyan School from 2002-2006. He then attended DePaul Catholic High School in Wayne, NJ.

– Matt Zaros

“The thing I most enjoyed about Banyan was the teachers: Mrs. Diamond, who made me become a better writer and made sure that I could read and write the kind of words I would use in college and life in general; Mrs. Kinlin, who was someone I could talk to and tease and have a good laugh with, all at the same time; Mrs. Michel who taught us learning-by-doing and all kinds of cool science projects; and Mrs. Saunders, who would tell you that you can do it and the same time give you the courage to do it, and someone who would always help you out in life.”

Robert attended Banyan School from 2000-2003. He graduated from DePaul High School, Wayne, NJ in 2007.  Robert attended Mitchell College in New London, CT where he majored in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security.

- Robert Zatta

“I graduated Banyan School in 2000 – they prepared me for my move onto high school and college. Right now, I have become an avid runner and I have competed in the NYC Marathon and the Boston Marathon. I ran the 2010 NYC  Marathon with a time of 2:57 and placed 655 out 45,000, 27th in New Jersey and 10th in North Jersey. I also recently became a personal trainer. Fitness has been a long time dream of mine and now I’m living my dream. I feel you can accomplish anything if you just put your mind towards it.”

– Joe


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