Banyan LIFE Academy



“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee


The Banyan LIFE Academy (Learning Independence.  Fostering Empowerment.) for 18-to 21-year-old students emphasizes life and work skills in a supportive environment that builds confidence and success.  The goal for every student at LIFE Academy is for them to be productive, responsible citizens.  In order for our students to achieve this, the curriculum extends beyond the classroom into the surrounding community.

Our newly renovated facility, located on the campus of Banyan High School in Little Falls, provides an apartment on the lower floor and classrooms on the upper floor.  This modern facility is equipped with the latest technology which includes wireless internet, cable television, Promethean Panels, and computers.

Students receive training and support in:

  • Academics: specially-tailored academic instruction with a focus on applicable real-world life and career skills, and/or college preparation and placement testing.
  • Career Prep: Students learn job interviewing techniques and résumé writing, and participate in a variety of job-related opportunities and experiences in the community and on campus, such as job shadowing, job sampling, and internships.
  • Community Involvement: Students plan and participate in community projects and service-learning opportunities.
  • Life Skills: Students learn cooking, cleaning, banking, shopping, personal hygiene, and organization. As part of the concentration, they use our newly renovated, on-campus facility to develop and apply more complex social competencies.
  • Mobility: Students learn how to access and use public transportation and AccessLink during community-based instruction trips.
  • Technology Skills: Students use the internet, email, word processing, productivity software to make presentations, and Conover Online™ for workplace readiness skills.
  • Executive Functioning: This course is designed to help students develop and strengthen their executive functioning skills including:
    • Attention
    • Memory
    • Organization
    • Planning
    • Initiative
    • Flexibility

The program is open to current Banyan High School students as well as students from other sending districts. The program also welcomes Banyan students who are 18 years of age and are still currently participating in their senior year. These students participate in specific aspects of the program, which allows them to get a head start on a wide range of career and life skills that the LIFE Academy offers.

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