Banyan School

A Special Needs School in NJ

Banyan School was founded in 1993 to educate elementary, middle school and high school students with significant language-based learning disabilities by identifying individual strengths and abilities, continuously monitoring individual progress, and adapting the curriculum to meet each student’s changing education needs. Our mission is to educate children with a strong focus on academics, social engagement in a positive and supportive settings.

Banyan School is a private, non-profit, NJ state-approved program for students whose academic and social development has been compromised by a learning disability, and who require an intensive, individualized approach to learning. A team approach enables intellectual growth and emotional development of our students. At Banyan, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and set expectations to continually evaluate the progress of our staff, curriculum and students.

The Leadership of Mrs. Wendy McNeill

Mrs. Wendy McNeill is the Director of Banyan Elementary School, Banyan High School and Banyan LIFE Academy. This position was effective on July 1, 2017. Mrs. McNeill was formerly the Principal of Banyan Elementary School since January of 2014.  Mrs. McNeill’s impressive credentials include over 35 years of experience in the field of Special Education.  She has served the Little Falls Township Public Schools as a teacher, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultant/Case Manager and, most recently, as the Director of Special Services; a position she held for over 13 years.

In this capacity, she was responsible for all students in the district requiring special education, as well as supervision and oversight of the department staff, operations, and budget.  In addition, Mrs. McNeill served as President of the Passaic County Association of Special Services Administrators. She currently serves on the Advisory Committee for the Alliance of Private Special Education Schools of Northern New Jersey.

Mrs. McNeill’s mission is to provide the students of Banyan School with a supportive environment that will foster both academic and social/emotional growth. Believing that all children can and will learn if given appropriate instruction, Mrs. McNeill strives to work with her professional colleagues to determine each student’s individual learning style, and to tailor a program that will meet each child’s unique needs.



What Parents are Saying!

"After struggling in our home district for 6 years, my son visited Banyan School and knew this was the school for him. The small class sizes and the dedicated teachers have made a world of difference. For a child with this type of disability, it has been critical to have teachers who are willing to talk to me and his private tutors to develop a coordinated approach to advance my son's learning. He reading skills have advanced 2-grade levels in a year. In addition to his academic growth, my son's confidence has improved. He loves to attend school!"

"I have struggled for many years to find the right school for my son, and Banyan was the only place that provided everything that I was looking for; an entire faculty who are more than willing to communicate with parents, a curriculum that suited my son, a fabulous PTO that includes family outings, and extra programs not found in other schools. My son is finally attending a school where he is accepted and understood."

"Banyan has a fantastic language program, using Wilson Learning to teach the children reading and language skills. Class sizes are very small (usually no more than 4 students) with personalized attention and extremely qualified and empathetic staff. They provide a great mixture of academic and social skills to help the students achieve their full potential. They also have a sister high school that goes beyond 12th grade and teaches life skills. Great program."

"Our Banyan experience has been wonderful; a structured environment highly focused on academics in a small group setting differentiating for each student. Exactly what our son who learns differently needed to learn to read. The dedicated staff makes learning fun, incorporates the social piece and communicate regularly with parents. We are most grateful for our time at Banyan."

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